Rescue Program of the Historical Centers Housing Function

From this program, which focuses on the rescue of the housing function in historic centers in El Salvador. Actions were carried out that contributed to the improvement of the habitat, which extended to other areas of the country. This year, the activities of support, dissemination and coordination with institutions that influence and create conditions to improve the habitat in their areas of action were evident.

  • In the quest to exercise the Human Right to the city, the "First Neighborhood Festival: We Know History, Tradition and Culture" was developed, where progress, achievements and projections were made known to the population and other member institutions of the city. Permanent Forum for the Integral Development of the Historical Center of San Salvador (FPDICHSS). The municipal mayor of San Salvador strongly supported the festival, which was joined by 7 institutions and members of the Forum.
  • Among the inter-institutional actions is the elaboration of the master plan for the integral improvement of the El Ramal community, which has coverage of 123 families, in coordination with the Secretary of Culture of the Presidency (SECULTURA), ROME TRE, Of Zacatecoluca, FUNDASAL, Office of Planning and Territorial Management-La Paz Region (OPLAGEST).
  • FUNDASAL, as a member of the (FPDICHSS), participated in different spaces: 4 lectures given in the cultural space Villa Guadalupe of the Legislative Assembly, where all dealt with the experience of the Historical Center. The academy was another stage that became interested in the theme of historical centers.
  • At the invitation of the UCA, in the celebration of its "National Congress of Engineering and Architecture" (CONIA 2016), the experience of 2 rural cooperatives were exposed in Chalatenango; also in the UES in its 3rd National Congress of Architecture "(CONIA 2016), FUNDASAL continued to position the cooperative model and making known the actions taken jointly to continue giving answers to and accompanying processes around the theme habitat.